Dating on pof, what are the chances a girl will decide to carry on with a second date?

What are the chance you will be the one that she picks to continue to date? I went on a date a couple weeks ago which I thought went well only to have her stop talking to me a week after the date. My assumption is she found someone better to date, but who knows. Any thoughts? There is no telling how many other dates a girl has gone on when she's meeting a guy online, so what are the chances she'll actually pick me to continue on to a second date?


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  • Yea it is best to have a backup plan in case you get stood up, but yea i hate how some people think you should wait a while before calling each other up after the first date. Ummm no. Im the type girl who doesn't mind if he wants to call me or text me later that night or the next day to discuss our date. After all, this seems to be the best way of staying in touch. Well at least it is to me


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  • I used POF and met 5 decent guys and dated one for a while. It's hard because you have to be quick. Everyone is talking to multiple people. In 2 weeks I went on 3 dates... Keeping options open is the nice thing about POF. Keep it public and if you're interested let her know ASAP.

    • I don't find needing to be quick true at all. I've been on pof for like 3 months now and a lot of the same girls I messaged in the biginning are still online. Why that is I have no idea. Even the girl who stood me up is online still so I don't think she found someone.

    • Eh some people are just bored. I dot like messaging people forever because I don't like wasting time. If they are interested then they will meet you. :)

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  • I use tinder a lot more now because it has more girls more around my age group, but from when I've used pof it wasn't for the relationships.

    • Agree, I recommend Tinder. Its more real. I met a lot douche and liar from POF. Athletic on the profile, but the reality he's fat etc etc.

      Btw, why don't you just text her/ask her straight away? Its way much easier and save time than keep wondering. If she doesn't want 2nd date then you can move on