Is it reasonable to be mad at my boyfriend for this?

My boyfriend called me today asking me if I wanted to go out to eat, I told him I couldn't because I was going to the movies with a friend, but I could see him after and spend the night. He said ok that he was just going to be home and to call him so he could pick me up. I call him after and when he answers he's out drinking with his friends and tells me is too drunk to drive but if I want to take a cab I could. I get the cab and then he tells me not to anymore because it's too expensive. Should I be mad at him? we kind of had plans and he told me he was able to see me after. I feel as if he stood me up. am I right in this or I should let it go?
p. s I don't have a car that's why I needed a cab


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  • yeah i mean thats kinda leaving you stranded... but you could have taken a cab anyway.

    • when I told him I was taking a cab that it was fine. He told me not to that it was better to see each other tomorrow because the cab was too expensive.


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  • You went out and did your own thing, and so did he. That's fine, for both of you. Yes, perhaps he should have not offered the ride, or coordinated with you better about that, but it sounds like he was responsible (recommended a cab instead of trying to drive drunk), so you really don't have any reason to be upset.

    He's allowed to change his mind sometimes, just as I'm sure you do as well.

  • Just let it go, its not that serious


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  • You did your thing, and so did he. No reason to be mad, that's just being silly and selfish.

  • I wouldn't be mad. You went with friend, he went too, drank too much maybe. You didn't really have that huge plans like restaurant or movie theater. I would be happy and spend relaxing night at home