What to do if he rejects me?

I like this guy and can't tell if he likes me back. He doesn't always answer but we have really good conversations when we talk. I'm really falling for him and I'm not sure what to do


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  • This is the eternal question that plagues guys too. Rejection is a terrifying prospect. But it is a risk you have to take throughout life, and if you have a person you want, go for it. If they say no, you are not dating them, but then you weren't dating them in the first place. If they say yes, then awesome for you.

    You will feel embarrassed if he says no, a little bit. But so does every guy that has had a girl say no. The guys that seem super confident are usually just playing a numbers game and no longer care about the rejection. They figure if they ask 20 girls, one will say yes. And that implies that 19 will say no. But it is also true for shy guys, for girls, for everyone. If you ask, people will say no. But you will find more guys by asking than you will by sitting quietly hoping.


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  • you need to know if he has a woman in her life. if he has no woman then you have the green light to give him signs. I do not know the signs really but woman tend to show signs when they like a guy. im sure your female friends can help you with that. some men pick the signs up easily others take time to notice.


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  • Ohh I have been there. And it's not fun. Come straight out with it. I'm serious be like hey xx and then ask him who he likes or hul? Then when he says wbu say ummm you kinda x:)