My boyfirend likes other girls pictures on instagram and facebook?

i know they are just pictues but somtimes when he likes a pic of a really gourgouse girl i feel bad, like i know he finds me attractive too but still i feel bad.

im afraid to ask him coz i know he will just say im overeacting etc etc,...

and i get there will be attractive people as i also notice too,...

he knows im a insecure person too,... but overall i just ignore it but at some time its gets to me hard, like really hard that i cry,... lol
he likes the selfie girls, girls in there bikkinis,... that makes me insecure/


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  • As far as he isn't doing anything bad don't worry or complain


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  • ITs just your common mindset towards ur boyfriend, you can tell him about it, but i request you not to think about it more, it is pretty common, spend more and more time with your friend,

    • i know its in my mind but it still makes me feel bad, he likes girls in there bikkinies and everything,...

  • Being insecure is really just wasting your time. Every normal guy looks and some cheat some don't. Be who you are and be happy for it. Always be smart though and be safe.

    • yes that is true,...

    • Keep your chin up and be a wise and giving person.

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  • Wait what grade are you in?