Is this advice about dating true or not?

My cousin is successful with women. We both go to the same college. Usually, he observes women while me on the other hand is shy and oblivious to them.

My cousin told me: "So many women look at you and you look like you could care less. It frustrates women when they look at a man and he doesn't make a move."

I told him: "They're not looking at me, they want the guy behind me. Besides a woman looking at me doesn't mean she wants me to approach her."

My cousin said: "Don't think like that, I understand you're shy and don't have much experience with women. But if she looks at you, go for it. You'll be surprised at which women like you."

I thought women looked at me because I'm ugly as hell. Is he right?


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  • I hate it when cute guys think they're ugly. I've seen guys like you, they barely got female friends, just hangout with their male buddies, if you talk to them he's not necessarily rude but you can tell he's shy.

    Just man up and approach women. It is rare that others stare at you cause you're ugly.

    • Your comment is making take a full thought about my life. I've probably missed so many opportunities.

    • You have time to make up for them.


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  • Well if you think you are ugly, that will not help you. I can tell you that confidence speaks VOLUMES. If your cousin is telling you that girls are looking at you (checking you out?), maybe you are cuter than you think? I think it's important to have self confidence, and always be your best self. If you see a girl that you think you may like, talk to her. There's no harm in talking. And be confident!

    • Even if I don't know her at all?

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    • Just talk to women casually. You don't have to have the intention of dating them. But talking to women is a really good start. And one day you will find a girl that you are attracted to, and like talking to; and when you find this girl ASK HER OUT :) :)

    • I've found several of them I like.

  • i think that he has a point if women are looking at you are most probably checking you out and of course not because you are ugly! i think its the same with guys i mean they woul not look at a girl anf check her out because she is ugly but because of that they like her and think she is beautiful! so start believing more in yourself because i think you underestimate yourself:)

  • I honestly can't give you a really helpful answer because I think the exact same way as you. It's insecurity, it can be fixed =)

  • He's right. Have confidence and you will get that girl, I promise you.


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  • When girl look at you, pay them with a smile. Is the easyest thing to do. So don't care if they want the guy behind you... involve youseft in, insist, that's the game, and don't worry, because they won't bite if you talk to them. They are nice beings with hot blood. :D :D

    Usually, guys look for womans, not woman after them, but usually. If you are friendly, than people will talk to you, just go there and talk. You will know what. Just make compliments about something if you see, ask to know more about them. Ask even for numbers, you don't need to care if may happen somehow to refuse you. They like to hear many nice "lies", jokes. Just let the nice guy out of you to come outside.

    My friend it is wrong to overthink that you look who knows what. Who likes you, like you as you are. It is about having fun there, you will love it. If you will think that you are not good (which is false), than you won't have enough mind to cocentrate on things. It is not about conditioning you to get a relationship, if you go and talk to them... you will see later on time. Let them know you. And good to check on your look.

    • *I have lot of refuses and yeses:)) is funny to think about but you learn from everything and you will get comfortable.

  • I know it's hard to believe, but he's pretty much right on this one. It's advice I could use too.

  • It's very sound advice, it's not always the case, but you would be suprised.