My sister thinks the guy I'm dating should drive to give my charger to me?

She is so mad. I feel like she's jealous of our relationship? I forgot my phone charger at his house. He lives 30 min away. We've been hanging out for 2 weeks and she thinks he should get in his car and come drop it off to me? Isn't that kind of much? If a friend forgot their stuff at my house out of their carelessness, I wouldn't mind them picking it up or when we meet up giving it to them but no WAY would I drive 30 min there AND back to give it? I live 3 min walk from a Target, I could get a new one. Yeah that's shit but it's my responsibility


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  • Yeah she's being unreasonable. If you want your charger YOU go and get it, unless your bf is passing by your house of course.


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  • Just Wai until next time u see him to get it. Ur sis is jealous. I have a jealous sis too when it comes to me and men.