Online dating help, women only!!!?

So I rarely get any replies back, but one of my other friends has no problems getting replies. I have a profile set up to my interests which I am a gamer and I am looking for fellow gamer's. I message girls with similar interests and probably have a 1 in 10 reply back rate. Then I only had a real conversation with two and I was interested in one, but she blocked me after I asked her to go get coffee. I consider myself attractive to some extent. Any tips?


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  • I also date online and when i get messages from guys if i find that they are being too direct and quick to want to meet, it makes me nervous and will stop responding. I normally like to screen the interested parties with a few quesrion/answer emails before i even release my texting # and once i ger to know them a little more that way then i eill accept an invitacion. Hope that helps.


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  • Hmmm... maybe try to ask more questions :)


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  • Have you studied what your successful friend was doing?