Guy kissed me on our 4th date and now isn't asking me out or texting me anymore?

Hey he's 23... He kissed me (my very first kiss) just a peck since I don't know how to kiss. I made more of an awkward scene towards him because I was nervous. After that I have texted him twice to hangout but he was busy. It has been 1 week and a half now and he hasn't initiated any texts since our kiss night. Im not sure what to think. Do I say anything to him? I'm really bummed because I feel like I wasted my first kiss. Thanks.



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  • You seem like a good person I would not sweat there are plenty of men out there


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  • Your reaction probably gave off vibes that you didn't like him and he's respecting your space since you can't figure yourself out.

  • You could always contact him?

  • Did he know it was your first kiss?

    • Yes he did

    • Ah well yeah like the rest say, just move on and wait for someone better. I know it's hard to do at times but you can do it. No matter what it was that made him not want to talk to you anymore but your flaws will not matter to the heart that is meant to love you. Like one of the girls said at least you have some experience now! Good luck with everything!

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  • He was busy? Busy doing what?
    For him to say he's busy and not telling you what he's busy with does not sound promising.
    If he was really into you, he would for sure be open about what he's doing especially by the fourth date.

    If he hasn't initiated within 2-3 days, you can kiss him goodbye because he only comes back when it's convenient for him. If he does come back without a proper explanation, kick him to the curb.

    You are pretty, and you will find a great guy for you. You first need to sort through all the uglies, he's just one of them. And there's nothing wrong with experience. Although it was a bad experience for you, having that experience will just bring you closer to the kind of guy you want.

    I wouldn't wait out for this guy though.

    • And if it makes you feel any better, my first kiss was terrible. He tried to more or less eat my face, it wasn't delicate at all.

  • Id Leave him alone. Some guys like that 'chase me' type shit & its ridiculous. There was probably something (probably minuscule) that turned him off. Oh well his loss. Don't waste time thinking about it. It'll only drive you crazy. On to the next.

  • Think of it this way, at least you have some experience now. So the next guy you kiss (hopefully it works out) will probably be a better experience. All first kisses are awkward. Don't feel bad!

    • This is really true, my 1st kiss was terrible lol. Don't worry girl, you are young and pretty. It will be easy to find the new guy ;)