What should I do if he ever texts back?

I haven't heard from him in three days. I'm starting to think he doesn't like me anymore or he's just ignoring me. He's done this before claiming he was really busy but not as long as this time around. im tired of trying to reach out to him. What should I do if he ever texts back?

Like I said. He texted back saying "his phone got messed up". I said nothing about it but that's happened to me before while I've texted him. My screen went black as I texted him and I got it fixed that same day.


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  • I kind of had/ still having the same problem. But I became a stalker I quess haha. He didn't reply but I keep (kept?) texting so he was finally online last night and he said that I knew he is busy and that he can't text me every day. he's working at the camping were I met him. And of course I know he's busy but I really want some messages. So I get mad when he doesn't reply but after 3 days he's like: Oh you're so sweet, I'd kiss you now. and then Im not mad at all hahaha.. so he's probably just really busy. Don't suffer for him. Do something nice like shopping and maybe you can send him a night message about that you're afraid to lose him and that you miss him. Goodluck! let me know? Im dutch so my English is not that good but I hope that you understand me haha :)


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  • ...

    ... Texting sucks so maybe Thats why. Dont overthink O. P


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  • I have found that with Many of Today's Toms they are terrible texters. They put you on their pay no mind list, waiting for days to answer, never answering your replies on the spot, telling you they're---------Really busy. Yes, I believe them, however, 'Busy' meaning with other things, like work, friends, other priorities, making you feel like second best, Never Top shelf.
    If it's been a few days, sweetie, shoot him a text and ask him if he is okay? Wait after That, wait for his response. If you hear something, most likely a lame excuse, then you know You should be getting used to the same old saga. However, if he doesn't push any buttons from his end, then you Know that it's----The end.
    I was going with someone for a year one time, who always put me on the Top shelf all the time. I called myself his 'Trophy wife,' but I was never 'Top dog' with him, only when he wanted to see me, which was maybe once a month. He had a 12 hour a day job, little time off, and his friends were a Priority over me.
    One day, I text him, never got a response. After the weekend, I tried again when he was working. He seemed fine to me, but then when I had mentioned the fact that I had sent a text, he got hostile, defensive, claimed he never got it, and after my last one: "I just get scared, you know"... For he had a habit of 'disappearing' to see his mom in her state, leaving me hanging, so naturally, I got paranoid. After That, he never text me again And----I never saw him again. Maybe he just didn't want to be bothered with me Nor any messages I was trying to send him. All I ever did was try and love him. He would say he loved me to. Some way of showing it...
    Good luck. xx

  • You could ask him if he is looking for more with you or isn't