Do men sending a song could men anything more than just a song?

I've been talking to this guy I met online. Things have been going incredibly amazing. He's already asked if we could meet and we will in a couple of days. Earlier today, we were exchanging songs back and forth (mostly classic) then he sent me the song 'Green light' by John Legend and I felt like he was trying to say something. However, I am aware that women tend to over think things. Do you think I over thought it?

Ps I'm 22 and he's 25, if that helps.

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  • I like to use songs to express my feelings or give a hint. ;)

    • Awesome :D Thank you!


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  • i hate giving silly love song to girls... i hate romanticism.

    the only reason i'd exchange songs with a girl would only be about MUSIC. i mean just to discuss about music and make a conversation about the artists... etc

    • Yeah. I guess, it can't really be generalized as it depends on what techniques the guy uses to deliver his message through.

  • If the shoe fits, wear it.

  • Here ill send dis one to u hunny ;3

    • Lol. Very thoughtful of you.

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    • Haha cuz u know i'd do anything for the luv of ma lyfe ^_~

    • You , my love, are a keeper!

  • Maybe u feel that way because the sighns he's been giving u

    • Yeah, for sure it's not just the song. Except the song verified my assumptions in a way!

  • That's what girls do. I just like the song that's all

    • Yeah, we can be pretty guilty of that sometimes but males aren't exactly the easiest to figure out either!

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    • No, it's a psychological thing. Men easily get overwhelmed with emotion and some can't deal with the stress or effort that comes with it. All of the guys I've talked to or dated were older so by definition, they're men. Though I can't generalize and say they ran away because of this and that since I didn't ask them straight up. My response is bias based on gender perception in our society!

    • Men usually think on a common sense level rather than an emotional level. Women tend to make decisions with their emotions while men make practical decisions using logic rather than emotions.

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  • Yeah, my ex use to do that. Send me songs nshit. It helps express how they really feel about you.

    • So much for males being "straightforward"! Thank you for your response :)

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    • Lol asker! Ur response make meh LOL xD

    • LMAO! Well thank you! At least someone's enjoying this! :P