Why is she swearing so much all of a sudden?

So me and this girl have been talking for ages and I really like her. In the few months I've been talking to her, I've never known her to be much of a swearer. However recently I've noticed that she is saying 'fuck' or 'bullshit' more frequently than usual.
So I'm just wondering if this is a sign that maybe she's is very comfortable with me now, or that maybe this her why of trying to put me off her and to stop talking.


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  • Maybe she's gotten comfortable enough with you or she's become frustrated with something that she just can't hold it in any longer lol


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  • She is probably just more comfortable with you! I know that when I'm around new people I don't swear as much because it might scare them off haha

  • Perhaps a friend in her life constantly curses and she happens to pick it up from that person... I rarely curse unless I am surrounded by people who do for some reason.

    Its weird. I try to restrain but it just happens.

  • does that put u off? did she swear to u or others? with what kind of emotion?
    it's weird though if that is not really her personality, since u've known her for ages, it shouldn't take this long for one to get comfortable with u... so if she is a swearer u would probably have found out like 2 months after u knew her. maybe she's going through some bad mood..

  • I swear A LOT when I am comfortable with someone.

    Not all girls are reserved little flowers dude. lol


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