"There are many things that I'd like to say to you, but I don't know how?" Does anyone feel like this about someone?

I was just listening to Oasis's Wonderwall and this lyric came up and it struck me as this lyric explains my situation in regard to a girl that I like.

So guys and girls of GAG, is there is someone who you like and have many things that you'd like to tell that person but aren't sure how to press ahead or maybe you feel unable to?

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  • Absolutely! For two separate guys, actually for different reasons. One, I was a friend of and then developed feelings for him a little gradually. I've always been too afraid to ask him out officially. And now his dad has just died and he says he misses me and I have no idea how to try and make him feel better/show how much I care. The OTHER guy I am super attracted to and, even though we had a falling out (all fixed now), I'm still super attracted and remember how awesome it was when we hung out.

    It's rough, eh?



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  • right now in my life no. no girl I wanna say anything too.

  • YES... This girl is so spesial but I don't know how to tell her and i'm not sure words can discribe it anyways...