Am I missing something here?

What is mind boggling to me is that guys will randomly want to go out to dinner or on a date of any sorts but they don't ever put in an effort to make a commitment.

What is the difference between dating casually and a commitment honestly and why are guys not just upfront about what they want?

Is it just good company or is it a love interest. ?


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  • Commitment implies you can't date more than one girl.


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  • Depends on the guy and the girl too probably. I'd call that sort of dating casting a large net just to see what gets drug in

  • Well the reason i date somebody is because they make me happy, i don't think about commitment at all. I might just be committed already and since i don't think about it its just natural (if that makes sense...) All that matters in my mind is if we're both happy. This mindset has seemed to have work, i've had long term relationships, and none of my Ex's hate me either. I don't know if this helps hopefully it does, if not sorry.


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