Friendly chat then what?

So this girl i went to her to ask her something regarding work, then she started to chat with me about everything she told me about her leaving the job , and about her new job , and she asked me about myself too , i asked her age and she did the same we talked also about our personalities and she said some traits in my personality are attractive , then i left but i will see her next week for the last time what should i do? Why she opened up to me this much it was the first time i see her?


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  • maybe she's just an open person, honesty is key right. I would just ask for her number, email, Facebook or whatever and message her! If you like her, go for it!


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  • Next time you see her before she leaves you say "It was great getting to know you, can I have your phone # so I can call and we can talk again?"

    Then you ask her out.