When a guy says your his girl what does that mean?

When an guy says u are his girl... what does that mean?
The guy I'm talking to is older than me by 10 years. I really like him and I would love to have relationship with him. He is very sweet and text me as much as he can. We talk a lot to. We have hung out a few times and he calls me his girk. What does that mean. Am I his girlfriend or just a fling?


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  • I remember one guy called me his boo thang. Still don't really know what he meant. We never dated on nun. We were on the verge of dating but I couldn't put up with the long distance


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  • nothing... just like "you're my boy"

    • When I say *your my guy* it means boy friend. Is it the say in reverse for him?

    • not at all just a friendly phrase in some way... if you do sth right then someone of your friends might say "ooooh you're MY girl!! congrats!!"

  • if you guys aren't together then he probably just meant that you are a good Girl friend... i guess i could be wrong though... can't read his mind


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