How can I meet women with my hectic schedule?

I work nites and i work weekend nights


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  • I work 10 hour days, and weekends. . . as in plural, as in both days. So, night time for me is usually my personal relax time, but I'm on a similar boat.

    First, I would say stay away from social media or the Internet. As tempting as the "quick and easy" access to the "immediate" gratification of "talking" or "interacting" with someone might be, you have to remember that the "connection" and "closeness" you feel isn't REAL. Maybe your brain wants you to believe it's real, but it's not. You need to "hear" the other person, you need to "see" the other person, you need to "touch and feel" the other person, you need to "smell" the other person. You need to interact with the other person in real life for you to both be able to form and develop your connection and closeness to each other as a couple.

    Second, this may sound counter-productive, but it will shock you just how fcukn' fruitful it is. . . DO NOT LOOK FOR SOMEONE! If your "goal" is a "person," you're going to fail. If your "goal" is a legitimate "interest," then you're naturally going to meet someone along the way. It may be a "friend," it may be a "casual sex/relationship" partner, or it may be a "long-term committed relationship" partner. But definitely don't go "hunting" for one, because you don't have the time slots in your life to wine and dine and entertain all that right now. You need to "accidentally" and "unintentionally" stumble upon someone who is somehow more or less some % of YOU right now.

    For example, I joined Paddles in NYC. It's a 5,000+ square foot underground S&M dungeon, but it also has schedules parties, events, and social gatherings. Was it a bit extreme? Sure. But you know what, it was more honest of me than joining a fcukn' "pottery" or "cooking" class. Any you know what, from time to time, I meet some very interesting people, who happen to know other people, and happen to be having a get-together, and before you know it, my F, Sa, Su night slots are filled.


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  • What people don't understand is dating doesn't have to be at the bar scene or club or whatever. I've realized the bet place to meet someone is while doing what you already do or something you like to do. Like grocery shopping. Or if you like going to the gym approach a girl at the gym. It doesn't have to be a huge scene, but taking small steps like that will eventually get you there

  • Online dating

    • Thanks for your response.. I've been struggling so much with online dating. I think online dating is only for the good looking

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    • Can i private message you and you give me your opinion of my pic

  • Have you tried online dating?

    • Oh yeah.. A real nightmare

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