Help asap please?

Ok so today he asked me to hangout... Go back to other questions by the way for more info !! But anyways I said sure , so of course my dads gonna make him come inside to meet him.. He was sweet and all but whenever we got outside he was like " well I wasn't expecting that, it's not like this is a date lol " I just didn't say anything.. But anyways we went driving around and when it got dark we went on top of this cliff and just talked by the way his friend was there we were all just talking.. But as he was talking to his friend he started casually moving closer to me , then he put his arm around me and started rubbing my arm and my side.. He would do that from time to time , I would also casually lean on him too. After that he dropped the other guy off and whenever he was dropping me off I told him he didn't have to walk me in.. He just got out of the car and asked for a hug and said see you at school.. Does he like me? Or was it just a friendly hangout..


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  • Make the first move. or let him know you're at least open to the idea. He may have down played that day being a date just because someone else was with you but i'd think he likes you.

    • Ok thanks :) sounds good !


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  • Maybe he doesn't want to "push" u

    • Hm never thought about it that way, thank you opening my mind into a new perspective :)

  • he wants to be on slow lane..

    • Ok thanks :) I like that

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  • You asked if he likes you three times already lol.

    Geez. Does it matter?

    Do you like him?

    • Im just so curious lol and yeah I do :)