What do girls think of guys who refuse to play the game with them and want them to be straight up?

I have never had a real GF and I don't chase girls anymore. If your not straight up from the gun I give up. So once I see some signs I make a move and take my chances. When I admit to girls I like them and they get shy and don't say the same back IDC how shy they are I write them off cause I don't want to get lead on. Is this fair or foul I am not patient enough to play games and don't want to get hurt.



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  • Best way to be. If they're not mature enough to be with you, fuck 'em, they're worthless.

    • OK cause I have female friends who say its a shallow approach and I laugh cause they love to play a lot of guys. Or they want the guy to be friends which isn't possible if your attracted to someone.

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    • Because of "white knights" telling them it's how it should be. They think that girls are supposed to be "spoiled" and they call that "respect."

    • I understand love can make you do stupid things but for real I've been in love and once the signs were there I backed off. She did she keep talking to me but I wrote her off. She was doing the same to so many guys and i dodged a bullet minus the fact she still creeps on my Instagram.

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  • But it's heaps fun playing games! Nothing builds on sexual tension like games. When you say a sexy, dark line to her. She will say something back, just enough to show intrigue, but not enough to be too obvious. You say something about if she keeps playing coy, you'll have to decide for her. Keep up that flirting. As a girl, I can say we don't like just going for it. Well, some do but it just seems very slutty. Kinda desperate. And heaps of guys out there don't like desperate, so we tend to stay clear. Plus for girls it's not about the visuals. You guys can see a chick with big tits and ass and be ready to go. If we see you d*ck, for example, it doesn't do anything for us. Kinda puts us off. We need the mental game. And I don't mean 'emotional attachment' per se, just something SEXY. A story. That tension. We want to give in to you 100%, when we can no longer resist you. And wouldn't it be just so much more fun for you building up a game where the girl will not be able to resist you and just beg for you to take her? My advice? Play the dominant card. Act the typical alpha male. Chicks love that. You can wait for her to come to you first, that WILL happen, but you have to build up the sexual tension, the flirting and being absolutely irresistible.

    • Screw that if I have the guts to tell you I like you to your face and you give me a bs answer like its fun walking to class with you then keep flirting but never text me if i give you my number or never try to get to know me your not worth it.

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    • I tried to get to know a girl she didn't want that she just wanted to flirt she would go so shy and wouldn't open up and it tried for 3 months and and I just got annoyed and moved. on she hasn't but I've made uovmy mind. She never texted me and we don't talk anymore at all she does is like everything on my Instagram. She lives in my building at college and doesn't talk to and just smiles so my point is if theirs progress its one thing but I can't make progress with most people.

    • You've made the right move. 3 months is ages.
      In the future, if you tell a girl you like her but she responds and likes you back and you hit it off, I still advice you not to go straight for the kill. There are two types of games- the bad kind where you screw with someone's heart, and the fun one where you see who'll crack and want whom first. The latter is a fun one, because it can make for really exciting sex later.

  • I think its fair... but a version of this you should probably include in your invitation - when you ask them out, because then they'll know they won't get a chance with you unless they're honest and open about what they think of you and if they'd like to date you.

    You're being fair to yourself, but be fair to them too and let them know that you don't like games hence you'd like an honest reply...
    Also, you should say it in a gentle manner - not to seem frightening of threatening, but genuine. =)

    • I'm so shybwjen i asks girl out the last time I did was last semester and I pulled her aside and and told her that I really liked her and would like to get to know her better and mentioned that I know you work full time and are busy so if you have any free time Ill make time. No call or text but she likes creeps on my instsgram and just smiles and say hey (my name). I got the sense she was bad news and backed off but she still is toying with me.

    • No... she doesn't sound like a girl for you...
      She likes to tease people but not actually follow through - the definition of playing games.

      Just find a straight up girl. You'll appreciate her honesty. ^-^

    • Ya I've only asked 3 girls out and girls show interist but I brush them off and go after a girl only if I'm really into her. Every time she finds out I like her she just likes to toy with me. I've had another girl become friends with benefits with my former nest friend when I wouldn't accept her after she toyed with me.

  • The game sucks. I hate the chase. I like and want guys to just be straight up because I need to know where I stand so I don't waste my time on someone who just wants to play around. However... I do think that some guys are upfront with their feelings too soon and that could make a girl uncomfortable. If you chat for a while and enjoy each other's company, then be honest and tell her. If she feels the same way, she'll be super excited.

    I once had a guy that I just met basically tell me that I was the one he was waiting for all his life and I was just like woaahhhh sir we just met 5 minutes ago. That is never good. But give it some time to see if you really like her and get a sense for how she could be feeling and then take a shot (:

    • Haha no I wait a few months of talking then come out with my feelings.

    • Then I think what you're doing is fine. Someone will come into your life who will feel the same way. You don't want to spend time with girls who aren't interested anyway.

  • I get not playing games but if your approach never works you may be doing something wrong like coming off too harsh

    • Haha I'm a huge softy when it comes to girls I like. I am flirty around other girls but if I like you I'm going to be a saint and put you on a pedastool.

  • I would not give them a chance.

    • Haha OK like the honesty I'm not offended most girls tell me that I guess I'll be single for a while.

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  • I wish that was the case, even if the gender role that the guy is expected to be the initiator, I would be able to deal with it better if there were no mental or mind games involved, instead getting straight to the point but oh well you can't fight or change life, reality unfortunately

  • Dating requires communication - so that people get their message from one and another
    Trust - so people can rely on each other when in dire problems
    Cooperation - so people can be mature when dating
    Compromise - so people can work out their relationship
    Those 4 are the healthy ways of a relationship. If you date someone who doesn't have one of those 4, fuck em

  • Sounds fine to me but you'll be single like a long time likely. Most girls are immature and get be perfectly honest and straight up from the best

    • Most girls are immature and can't be perfectly honest and straight up from the start.

    • Well ya but once a girl starts to get to the point where goes out of her way to get attention from me or get scary flirty I can just tell its who she is and i get turned off. I tried to chase a girl last year's and I gave up cause she got really shy when I stopped flirting back so much and I wanted to have an actual conversation but she didn't want that.