I was wondering if guys like being romantic or like telling their gf's sweet things all the time?

As a girl I tend to always want the guy I'm with to be sweet and loving and tell me sweet things but feel like for a guy it isn't something they need to do all the time. Am I right?

Thanks everyone for your input


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  • some dont a lot do, but a lot of those who do get trained out of it, since most women don't like it.

    • I had a bf who was very romantic when he was younger and would send me long romantic messages every day. As he grew older he stopped because he said he matured out of it. And he didn't feel like the romantic type anymore. Is that possible?

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    • For instance this love song i wrote today:
      Oh baby i love you
      And i’m not the most wealthy man
      I may not have all the shiny things
      But i promise that i’ll do what i can
      And you know; If you choose to love me
      You’ll never run out of weed
      And i’ll give you every inch of my penis
      Every moment that you should need
      And i know you’ve had some hard times
      I promise to give you more (but not in that way)
      And i’ll lay it on with the romance
      Just as long as it don’t make me look gay
      And Oooh baby i love you
      And you know i just have to say
      When those jeans make your ass look fat
      I will love your ass anyway
      Yes you know that i love fat asses
      Shall i compare it to a summers day?
      Yeah the sun does bloom like a single flower
      But your full moon is like an ass bouquet

    • Lol funny song
      So you would never be sweet again


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  • I actually have to stop myself from being too sweet all the time or else calling my girlfriend "beautiful" will lose meaning after a while (at least how I feel).

    A man should definitely put his woman on a pedestal but make sure not to put her too high on it otherwise it becomes weak.

  • I fancy myself a hopeless romantic and do stuff only often read about like doing painting, poetry, romantic dinners ect. But I save that kind if stuff for when the relationship is serious and she's in it for the long haul. Unless she asks specifically to be that way early on.

    • That seems very sweet. I wish a guy did that for me and I understand what you saying. My last bf was very sweet and romantic and we dated for 4 years but when he became 18 he stopped being romantic because he said he grew out of it. I didn't really believe him and it affected us

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    • You'll get there.

    • I hope so

  • Most guys will think it's not 'manly' to sweet talk, or talk really often. Too bad, imao.

  • I like to be sweet, but I need it too. Otherwise I start to feel it's not reciprocated. Or, that what I do isn't really appreciated. After a while, it's going to make me want to stop doing those things. It should be give and take.

  • Being sweet and romantic is good time to time but overdoing it will cause it to lose value and eventually the words themselves lose meaning. Better to do it occasionally and have your girlfriend look forward to those special times when you are sweet and romantic. Gives it more meaning and something to look forward to.

  • No, we can't do it constantly, but most guys do like to do it some of the time. It is nice to see a girl smile when she is touched by something we do.

  • I'd definitely want to be 'sweet' to my girlfriend a lot, although its practically not possible to do that 'all the time' (because I do have a professional life and family members too).

    Anyway, this might just remain a distant dream because I'm apparently not good enough to date, from the perspective of women.

    • I know everyone has busy lives but I mean sending a sweet text here and there each day or is to much? And I'm sure you're a great guy you seem very nice

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    • Thanks for your wishes, I'll remember to inform you once I manage to move! :)

    • You're welcome and please do (: message me anytime

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  • They aren't obligated, but they should do it anyway.