Did I mess things up with him or am I overanalyzing the situation too much?

I've been talking to this guy for about two months and I thought things were going really well. We would either talk on the phone or Skype pretty much every night. We also would text all day. Two weeks ago, I got drunk called him and had phone sex. I apologized the next morning and we talked about what happened. He said that he liked how honest I was about things then we talked about what we wanted out of relationship. We seemed to be on the same page and things were fine.

Fast forward to last thursday, I'm all moved into my dorm room (which he helped me do) and we're sitting around talking. Things start getting a little heated and he tells me that he wants to slow down because he wants to avoid the issues he had in his past relationship. He doesn't want things to revolve around sex. I'm fine with it because I see his point and I want to develop the relationship more before we have sex. Anyway, we talked awhile then he leaves to go eat dinner with his friends. Since then, he's just be kinda distance. We were supposed to go on date Friday but he cancelled since he was feeling sick. I got him some stuff for throat and he texted me later to thank me. I texted him on Sunday to apologize for Thursday and asked if we could start over. He said that he agreed and told me that the tea helped a lot.

Since then, he hasn't texted me at all. I saw him on campus and he said that I looked nice and gave me hug. Other than that, we haven't really had any other true interactions. I was trying to figure out where we stand so I asked him if he wanted me to come to his meet and he told me yes. So basically, I'm trying to figure out what the hell is going on? Is he trying to reset the pace, did I scare him off or is he just not that into me anymore?


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  • My guess would be that he might be taking time to sort things out and think through things. Considering how you mentioned about his remembering his past relationships, he might just be cautious and perhaps unwilling to have a similar situation (as the past 2 weeks) sprout up again. If his last relationship had ended recently, he may not be over it. Or he may be feeling guilty for the actions of the past week ( you said you were drunk, does that mean he wasn't?) If he knows it was because you were drunk and adding in the fact that you apologized may have him feeling guilty for it. Just give it some time.


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  • well. I think you should talk to him about him and ask him what is really going on. be honest and figure out what is going on really from him