A man is only as faithful as his options?

Do you believe this? My friend told me this yesterday (she is very straight talking and gives great advice). I found it brutal. She says I am quite naive, and to be honest, she often has been proved correct when she has warned me about certain situations, and she nearly always turned out to be right (and I was naive). So it makes me wonder if all relationships are kind of futile, if the majority agree with my opening question.


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  • Not at all.

    If a guy knows he's good-looking, got his high school fix of sexual self-esteem and validation that he's sexually attractive to girls (and that women want him for his body), and the guys cheered him on and admired him for it, and in college, girls wanted to bang him because he was good-looking AND smart, and after college, girls wanted to bang him because he was good-looking AND smart AND had a good income AND came from a wealthy family. . . that's clearly a guy with "options." But, the funny thing about having sexual options as a man is that you start to feel "satiated" in the sexual department. You're not constantly "hungry" and looking to satisfy your sexual hunger somewhere. You're actually quite bored, and looking for something "other" than sex. Plus, as you get older, you start to realize that "pussy" isn't going to send your kids to college, or help them start their own business, or get them a house, or pay for healthcare, or retirement, etc. In fact, after college, "sex" is no longer a barometer of "who you are" in this world. For Fortune 500 list is, how much wealth and power you have is more important than how many girls or which girls you've had sex with (or, reputation and social fame aside, the physical sensation of pleasure you experience inside your body). So, the focus is on obtaining wealth and power, and women and sex are a "distraction" from obtaining those things.

    Now, if enough girls haven't sufficiently scratched that childhood boyish itch, it grows into a swollen rash, until it infects the rest of his mind and instills in him the life goal of constantly chasing the feeling of "sexual acceptance and validation" from the type of women he never experienced approval and sexual admiration from. The problem is, he's older now, and in his age, looks are not as important as other things in a man. So, he will NEVER obtain what he failed to obtain as a child. That ship has sailed.

    • So, it really depends on a man's life experiences, and his ability to "cope" and "rationalize" through his life experiences. For example, the "ego" of some men make then feel that unless they're "the richest" and "most attractive" men on earth, they're a worthless loser. That's a horrible way to live. "Don't let the perfect become the enemy of the good." - Voltaire. You don't need to go around banging 500 different runway models to prove to yourself that you're "sexually attractive" as a man, and that women "want" you. You can still feel that way without ever having sex with a woman. Plus, you can get all of those feelings from your long-term partner. I understand if your long-term partner isn't giving you those feelings. But I (and most other men) don't understand guys who sleep around when they're in a perfectly happy relationship with a great person (unless, it's some un-treated psychological trauma that he let run its course inside him all these years).


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  • Thats not true for all men, Thats all I can say, I can't say she's wrong about that for some guys. Get to know the guy before you make any judgments without knowing anything about them because it could be one of the guys that's not true for

  • I'm very faithful when in a relationship and even If it was a bad relationship that ain't no excuse to cheat. At that point I'd simply break it off respectfully I would also never break off a relationship just so I could pursue another women that is just wrong.

  • For some men.. others are extremely loyal and committed.


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