A girl I am interested in is moving in about a month. Is it worth telling her how I feel?

I've known this girl for 3-4 months or so and we get along great. She lives on the same floor as me at my dorm and I can say I have never met a girl I was this interested in ever. She is down to earth, attractive, and is intelligent. We have similar values and humor. I am somewhat shy, and I often find myself feeling awkward when we hang out because I don't really know what to say, She doesn't seem to mind (she is a bit awkward in her own way), but definitely isn't overly flirty towards me.
At this point I'm not sure at all how interested she is in me, but with her moving to Sweden in a few weeks, I feel like I should at least tell her how I feel. I have never felt like I was "in the friendzone" with her since we hang out pretty often, and she has never brought up that "we're just friends." When we do go somewhere together it is always very casual however. I feel like I should say something romantic or charming to move things along but I always come up blank. With her moving, I do not know what kind of relationship I would expect as I am interested in her beyond just wanting to hookup or something before she leaves.

I guess the meat of my question is: Is it worth pursuing any sort of romance between us before she leaves, and if so, how do I confidently make my intentions clear? Or do I need to move on?


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  • I'd say absolutely go for it buy her dinner make it apparent that you want to date her. If she doesn't feel the same, just move on but definitely Go for it. Make a plan Girls love guys that have a plan for whats going to happen on a date. Make your intentions known and go from there


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  • I think you need to tell her! Even if nothing comes from it, if you never tell her you'll never know and I think not knowing is a lot worse than rejection. Good luck

  • Only do it if you're definitely going to see her again otherwise you're just hurting each others feelings


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