Very VERY nervous about my first kiss. Can you guys help me?

Me and my boyfriend have been going out for 2 weeks. And I know he's been wanting to kiss because he's told me and each time I would back out. He's asked me in person and I just froze and he said "next time" with a smile. I'm not scared I'll be a bad kisser it's just I'm scared it will be awkward and I don't know HOW. I want it to be simple, I'm not comfortable with French kissing yet.


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  • Wait till you're comfortable. Let him know if you're not ready. He should understand if he cares about you. Just a simple kiss would do but two weeks into a relationship isn't much. No reason to hurry.


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  • First of all don't French kiss or do anything with tongue the first time. It's actually quite natural. Just lean in and press your lips against his. It's nothing complex, and if you want to wait to kiss that's no big deal

  • You can be fully in control. You don't need to use tongue if you don't want to. When he leans in, tilt your head slightly, and close your eyes. It all comes very naturally once you are in that situation. After a few seconds of kissing, pull away and smile. The longer the kiss, the more likely he is to use tongue. After enough of those kisses, you will be able to move on to French kissing as if it were nothing :)