Young and confused! Help!?

OK so i have already heard all the "your young and should focus on your school work" stuff and i am, im just a freshman and really confused. So could we put it aside for now? Thanks. Anyway, so i have liked this one guy for a while and after i relized i will never have a chance with him he started flirting. And now that i like him again he like stopped flirting and i dont think he's doing it on purpos or anything but its confusing, and recently i relized i like my best friend (hes a guy dont worry.) And i know he used to like me during like july, but i dont know of he still likes me because i have been friendzoning him and this is driving me crazy i dont know why. A lot of people say that my best friend and i would be really cute and stuff but i ignored them. I just dont know what to do. I think both of them like me at leaste a little but i dont think either one of them would ever admit it and i just need at leaste somewhat of an answer so i can stop thinking about this constantly.

Sorry its so long and please excuse any typos. Thanks!!!


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  • Okay flirt with the first guy and see where it goes...:):) he'd be lucky to have you... As for your best friend I really really really advise not going out with him cause let's face it barely any teenage relationships go anywhere and even though people say that they'll stay friends a huge percentage don't because it's awkward... I've seen it happen before and it's really sad cause they were such good friends to begin with:):) but hey if you really want to go out then go for it but honestly and maybe it's just me but I don't think it'll end well:)

    • Hahaha and this is why we need people like you in the world. Hahahaa

    • Hahah is that a compliment? I hope so :):)


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  • Fall and accidentally kiss them and see how they react.

    Honestly though, your best friend probably likes you.

  • Go for the friend. They always have more potential than the stupid confusing guys.

  • I'm confused at what exactly you are asking...