Should I wait for him to follow-up on our date?

Went on a third date with a guy I met online last night. Between our dates, we've talked/texted every day. Last night, he had a bad headache but didn't want to leave as he wanted to see me (He really looked unwell). He had a few drinks and was feeling a bit better. During this time, he caressed my hand and was very sweet, telling me he likes me, that I look pretty, etc.

I'm not used to such affection, but eventually warmed up and returned the affection. He walked me to my car and we made out heavily. He texted me when I got home, following up on a joke I made and to wish me a good night. Today I texted him asking him how his headache was and we exchanged msg's back and forth. He said, "We should do this again sometime" And I said, "Yes, for sure...[commenting]" And he replied to that with another comment, but no direct offer.

Should I wait for him to follow-up? Or I was going to suggest we go for a walk in the trails/park (as he is new to the area and we've talked about it before). He asked me out directly the first 2 times... so not sure what to make of this. Maybe he's waiting for his headache to go away... It was pretty bad?


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  • He could be sick. Wait a few days. If you still want to go out with him, I would text him asking him out. You are on your third date so it's not a big deal if the girl reaches out. Just give him time to recover.


What Girls Said 1

  • Maybe text him and ask him how he's feeling? It gives you a reason to contact him :3