I always feel that im not good enough for a realtionship?

I had 6 tealtionships before , one from school and other online , all if them they didn't love me they cheat lie , then i met a girl in reality i thought she is seriouse but i saw her flirting with ither guy after she told me she is going home , i dont know why women always do that to me is it because im too nice with them , anyway i stopped even think about realtionships im think why bother if its all lead to the same thing I've been single for two years i flirt with girls chat but i dont even take thier number because i dont want to get used to them then get hurt , i feel like nobody would take me seriously so i just closed all the ways so i won't fall in love with anyone even if i met a girl at work i think she won't take me seriously she would cheat on me so why even think about it i dont know hot to stop this but i need to know is being so nice with women made them hurt u easily fool u and played you?


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  • First of all you need to know this, it wasn't your fault that they cheated on you or lied to you, they did that and it's their own mistake and their loss it has nothing to do with you. You gave them your heart and you loved them but they didn't respect it and they wanted more so it's their choice. As for being nice to women some of them think that a nice guy isn't interesting enough and they want more so they go for the ones that aren't nice and at the end they regret making that mistake cause they see that what a nice guy can give the others can't give that to them. And maybe this time be more careful about who you fall in love with and don't open up to them right away cause a heart break won't heal easily. But please do know this that it was NOT your fault

  • It's not that you're not good enough, it's that you're picking women who aren't good enough for you. Not all women are lying cheats, if you keep looking, you'll find a good girl. Also, your girl may have been flirting, but that doesn't mean she is cheating. Sometimes people do that, it can be a red flag but it can also just be innocent.


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