I need help on whether I ask her out or not?

I met this girl a few nights ago at a football game... I am currently injured so i was wandering the stands and I started talking to her and it was going pretty well she never wanted to leave my side all night I ended up getting her number once we left... and now my friends keep proding me to ask her out next week in before class. I dont know if i should listen to them and take a shot at it or sit back and let this all develop... P. S i am a junior in high school


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  • If you are nervous, you could make it a friendly day with mutual friends or your friends. Invite people you know so they can make a temporary leave so you can both be alone. If things are going well, tell her your feelings. Or you can just go straight for a date if you feel confident enough. It's your decision though. :) Just figure out when she is free. Say: I wanted to know if you wanted to get together some time. She replies. Then say: When are you free? If you want to add friends do so, but let her know you are inviting others. But tell her after her reply before asking her.

    • I meant before asking her when she is free.


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  • She wants you and I bet she's waiting for it 😊 Do it!!!

  • No it's too soon! If I met a guy a couple of nights ago and he asked me out I would be a bit creeped out


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