Reasons to move to the Northern part of the United States?

I need good reasons to move to the northern half of the U. S.

Tell me which state and why.


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  • Because it's awesome?

    Just kidding. I spent a year in North Dakota and I loved it. There isn't much to do aside from go offroading.

    Now, there's an oil boon there and you can make massive money... but be aware: It reached -60 degrees F one night. it gets COLD there.

    I remember building a trailer in the winter months.

    I'd run outside, taking my gloves off for a few seconds to put a bolt through a hole, and thread a nut on. Immedaitly put my gloves back on. It was like ~ -30 F or so.

    I coudl onyl stay outside for about an hour, then I'd run back inside. I'd dra w awarm bath and put my feet in it, and hands, for a while. Then I'd run back outside and work on the trailer for another hour.

    After a while the sun began to shine. It finally began to warm up! I was outside in jeans and a Tshirt. Then they announced on the radio how "warm" it was: 24 degrees F. How's that for warm, tshirt weather? It will be when you move up North.


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  • Maine
    Gorgeous views
    Lots of lobster

  • If you were to move to the north east part of the country you would see four seasons. Fall is my favorite season. Seeing the leaves change colors about the second week of October is a great thing. However, a little snow is pretty but not 12 feet. I live in southern New England. And live about 20 minutes from the Atlantic Ocean. It would be another quality of living north of the United States. Good luck.

  • California or Manhatan <3


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  • North dakota, oil boom, lots of jobs for really good pay