Girls? If I ask about a guy you're "talking" too what would be a reason on not admitting you talking to him?

I've been talking to this chick for almost half-year. I found out about this dude and she'll beat around the bush when I ask about him. shell say things like (what makes you think I talk to him) or (no I don't talk to anyone) I heard they be kissing etc but she denies it to me... she texts him saying she loves him, but at the end of the day she'll some how make contact with me via text or RT my tweet lol childish... oh yeah she was dating someone b4 for about a year too... at the end of the day who is getting played? Me or the Other Dude? and at first it was me she texted all the time then he showed up, I guess he told her he loves her so that's why she says that. Umm I never told her I love her... yeah let's get it wassup girls? Like at the end of the day does he loves me, we would look into each other eyes for the longest across a room... I don't know what's real and what's fake. I really want to give her bomb ass sex to. Because I only want her


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  • It sounds like there's something going on between that guy and her and she is hiding it from you.


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  • At the end of the day she playing you both, and one of yous if not both will end up getting hurt

  • I don't want you to get jealous

    • why would I have a reason to be jealous? that's a reason to deny it. She also kissed me a couple of times

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