How long do I wait for a shy guy to ask me out?

So I work with this guy and he's hella cute, sweet, and nice. When we interact I'm shy but still manage to carry on a conversation. However he's hella shy too, I know because when our conversation stops it's got this awkward silence and we try to get busy with work and such. We both go to school and are super busy.(he's got a second occasional job) I keep thinking that after enough conversations he's going to ask me out but when he clocks out he disappears. In my head I think he knows I like him so I wonder if he's just being 'nice' talking to me and maybe even enjoys the attention I give him. Other times I wonder if he's just as into me and is very shy, almost waiting for me to make the move. (they're rare but those guys do exist) I'm also a bit overweight so I'm wondering if I'm a little not his type for that reason alone, which is changing :-D So... should I continue to wait until he gets the galls, or ask him, or will he come around when I am more 'attractive' or is he just not that into me?


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  • I want to ask a coworker out for over a year.
    She is still single and I'm getting to a point I think I'll do it (because the haunting is getting bigger than everything else.).

    My point is... Ask him out.
    It can take forever or never happens if you do not.

    • Isn't a girl asking a guy out a turn off?

    • As a very shy guy, I was approached more often by women than the opposite.
      I never thought of it as a turn off.
      On the opposite, I found it flattering.
      It shows you are confident.


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  • well, why don't you ask him out? would that be too terrible?

  • Forever !!! Lol

  • Tell him the faint heart never wins the fair hand.

  • I'm sorry but aren't shy guys considered ugly to girls?

    • Shy guys are shy, some ugly guys could be shy but not all good looking guys are outgoing.

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    • whatever, this shy guy is hot.

    • LOL if he was Hot he wouldn't be shy. SMH of course your only interested in him because he's hot.

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