Girl asking a boy out: yes, or no? How? help me!!?

I've known this boy for a while as acquaintances, and we get on pretty well. I am attracted to him, and I believe the feeling is mutual. He comes of as confident, yet shy as it is obvious to myself (I think his mother knows too) that I'm throwing out obvious signals I like him. It might be because girls haven't really approached him before, yet I can't see this as a possibility considering he's very attractive aesthetically or maybe he's intimidated by an attractive young woman approaching him in public (I have been told I am attractive). This is infuriating, because I believe I am quite deliberate and obvious. Btw, I have Aspergers, and there gets to a point were being socially acceptably deliberate gets brazenly, literally honest... Yeah, I'm quite scared that might happen. How do I approach the topic of a date acceptably and appropriately? Is it acceptable for a girl to do this? How do I come across non threatening? Thank you for your valued advice ps, I'm rather nervous atm


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  • Some guys just don't get obvious signals. I would just ask him outright. Ask him to grab a cup of coffee at a Starbucks or to go to a movie, something low key. I bet he would love it. (I would).

    Perhaps he is inexperienced with girls? (or sexually inexperienced also) That might explain why he has not picked up on your signals/advances. Be direct and go for it, he will love it!


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  • ask him out!! we love when women do that, they have pretty sweet way to do it

  • ask him out guys won't mind at all some prefer it cause they are scared and very shy


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  • Men are oblivious to signals, (so are most women), just be straight, tell him you like him and would like to go out on a date with him.

    • This is very difficult.. I'm confident, but I've never done it before, so I'm nervous.. How do I do it? Have you done it?

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    • Yes, I've just said, 'I like you as more than just friends.' Sometimes things progress, sometimes, they tell you they don't feel the same. Just be ready to hear either though.

    • I will definitely try this. Just putting it out there, do lots of guys like being asked out by girls?