Are we official? Please help?

Okay so this guy and I have been going out for a few weeks now, and the other day we sort of became "boyfriend" and "girlfriend". I told him, due to current circumstances (i. e. busy college life) I needed to wait till after exams to make it official, and he said he understood and was the same.

At the same time, he went and told his parents we had a thing and so I guess I did the same, once he told me he had.

We've tried to keep it on the down low but people have seen us out and about, and it's more public now. He says he's glad we can "finally be official", because I texted him the other day to tell him word had got out.

Now... does this make us official? And most importantly - DOES it make us exclusive?

Thanks guys!! So sorry this is so confusing,



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  • Okay so word got out that you to are seeing each other that's fine people think what they want that being said there statement is true in this case. As for being official really two people have to agree that it is official for it to be official so talk with him about it and both of you give your opinion and answer the question as to if you are or not. Typically official means that yes you and him are exclusive that being said talk to him about what your definition of exclusive is and ask him what his definition is if they are the same then no worry's if they are different then simply find the middle ground that both of you are comfortable with and set it in stone that you both agree. Another thing to tall about would be your and his definition of cheating and flirting again if the same then no worry's, but if different find the middle ground again and both of you agree and set it in stone. I mention these additional things because although you may know to do these things ahead of time it just so happens that many get cot up in the relationship things but forget to set proper boundary's and to communicate openly about the subjects i have brought up then later down the line there are issues so its best to get it done now so as to avoid those issues. remember communication and making things official is one of the biggest things to dating and being in a relationship so communicate with him and make things official if they are not already and if that is what you want. Well i hope this helps with your issue and informs you and helps you with and in your new relationship. I wish you again much luck and happiness.


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  • Do you want him to be your boyfriend? If so, it is ok to be official. I think there are no set rules on what makes a relationship official. Some may think it is not official until after you have had sex! It is whatever you want it to be. I am still in school (grad school) and don't have the time for an official relationship, but I do enjoy dating... yes hookups also.

    On your previous dates with this guy, what did you do? Go out for a movie? Coffee? Did you fool around sexually yet?

  • Both answers should be a yes. You might want to talk with him about it just to set the record straight.

  • if your feeling it and you have been on 3 or more dates its official but that shouldn't change much other then the title of bf and gf


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