Have you ever had your heartbroken by someone you have never dated?

Would like to hear yes, no! What happened?


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  • Yes, I went with this girl to prom, we were just friends but we went to prom together. Afterwards we started hanging out (not officially dating though). I sent her letter and a gift, one night I called her and told her I liked her. She laughed at me, I didn't sleep properly for a month or so and I was bitter, depressed, and angry for the next 2 months. We never spoke to each other again, I hate thinking about it, but it was a valuable learning experience.


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  • Yeah my ex broke my heart before were together a year later I should have took that as a sign that I should stop trying to pursue a relationship with him but I have no regrets you live and you learn.

  • Depends on if u mean because you loved them like would date them or if u mean bye your dad or something