Me and my boyfriend have only been dating just over a month but he never texts me.

Me and my boyfriend have only been dating just over a month but he never texts me.I have to be the one to text him...on occasions he does text me, but that's rare. He has only called me once and that was before we were dating...

What's with that? Everything is going great with us though, we see each other all the time and it's great when we are together. Does that just mean he doesn't wanna talk to me all the time? Or he's just wanting to take things slow?


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  • Usually it's because they're always busy. Guys aren't like us girls, they don't think it's important to text their girl because you'll see her anyways. Just try not to text him too much, it'll start arguments. It's exactly what I did with my boyfriend, and he broke up with me.

    • He is pretty busy...

      I don't usually text him till like 12 or 1pm...

      But one day I didn't text him at all and in the arvo he texted me. So I'm kinda really confused...

      He is 25...does that make a difference? Maybe he's more mature?

    • I don't think the age makes the biggest difference. He probably really just wants to see if you really want to talk to him or not, hence the reason he texted you that one day. But usually if you text him, he won't want to text you back. It just makes him feel good to know you want to talk to him


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  • He is probably just shy, I recommend\ telling him it is ok to contact you more.


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  • Some guys aren't phone people. It doesn't have to mean that he doesn't want to talk with you, only that he doesn't like the phone. My boyfriend and I are that way, imagine how fun our long distance relationship is when we're apart. XD

  • Hmm, I can remember when I first started dating my boyfriend, I had the same problem, so until I couldn't take it anymore..I brought it up in a sarcastic/joke way to see what his reasoning was...See what he says, I would ask him, but not in a tone where it seems like your afraid he's hiding something from you. That way he won't think your a control freak kinda thing.