How to deal with a Bombshell?

Just met an online bombshell in real life; actually ran into her randomly-made myself go up, flirt, and get her number and am planning on asking her out soon. Want to try something that the two of us will share and remember. I still haven't made up my mind about this girl-my hunch is that 99% of men she has encountered in life have laid down their shields to her beauty very, very quickly. I am trying to engage her and make her very excited about me. I know that it takes work (I am now on day 98 of my intense cardio jump rope routine, and recently retired from the US Army as a Captain) and I admit, I have been out of the dating game for about 7 months now. Appreciate any help I could get. How could I blow her mind? Make her crazy about me?


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  • I personally like when a guy shows interest but isn't creepy about it. Take her out on a unique fun date! Find out what she likes to do, if she's adventurous do something crazy like skydive! If she's artistic take an art class with her, if she's an old fashioned wine and dine gal take her to a nice restaurant (olive garden is not nice btw) or if she's laid back go for a fun night in your local downtown area of bar hopping, experience something new together for the first time. One of my boyfriend and is first dates including hiking in this park and going across a canopy bridge! It was our first time and super cool not to mention fun :)

  • Congratulations. I'd advice to treat her like any other girl you would go out with. Treat her with respect & chivalry but don't fall over for her just because she is beautiful. Keep it cool & don't put her on a pedestal.


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