What Are some dating no no's?

Im new to dating, so like what are the worst things a girl can do when she's in a relationship besides for being clingy? What are some things a girl should do to keep her man interested besides for sex?


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  • Tease him a little bit and don't open up completely on the first date let him get to know you little bit little. Always smile and be yourself.

    Don't talk about how insecure you may feel and try to act "like a lady" at least at first. Later on you can start doing some unlady like things with him once you are comfortable (:

    And if you aren't comfortable don't do things you might regret later (kissing, sex, taking pictures, etc)

    Good luck


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  • Talk to him and be natural. Never, ever expect sex will make him want you more. If he truly likes you he will want to be near you.

  • giving up sex too early


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  • don't bring up any guy you like or have dated or anything like that unless it's super casual. don't continuously talk about them or make comparison between your guy and the old guy LOL.

    other than that, don't talk about your relatinoship to every single person. not everyone minds it but no one wants their business known to the world.