My bf and I always kiss after our time together but I want to be able to kiss him whenever. How do I do it andwhen?

We have been together 2 months and I want to also be able to turn it into a French kiss


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  • Just do it because you want to. That's how it works.


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  • just do it? lol wtf


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  • Girl, step up to the plate and initiate it! Do it whenever there is a tender or sweet moment between you two. If you have heart-to-heart, after an amazing date, or whenever you feel like it seems appropriate. If the environment you two are in allows some displays of affection go for it. You two are dating. Kiss whenever you two want! If you're uncomfortable about it, you can flirtily talk to him about kissing or something and then he'll lean in too. But guys admire confidence, and you oughta be confident about kissing your man.

    Doing it out of the blue and your normal after your time together will keep things interesting between you guys in that sense. Switch it up and just go for it, girl!