How to help out a stressed boyfriend?

My boyfriend has been having a rough time at work lately that has him crazy stressed. He's recently been promoted but with that promotion comes a difficult learning curve and gigantic workload that makes things crazy for him. He's also had some personal issues with friends being sick and all. He also has been really good about making an effort to see me in all of this even though I haven't been pushing him. What worries me though is that he's neglecting himself big time and he won't admit it. It seems rare that he ever really has alone time anymore. I think he needs space just to focus on himself but I'm worried that if I start giving him that he'll mistake it for me losing interest in him. When I tell him it's ok if he wants to be alone he says everything is fine. What should I do here?


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  • Give him a hand job 😂😂im sorry but seriously u should give him space give him time to think support him

  • Have sex with him.


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