Girls opinion on submissive guys?

Okay so I've gone out with these guys that turned out to be like... submissive. Like they wanted me on top, calling them names holding them down etc... which seemed pretty hilarious since I'm pretty tiny and most were big enough to crush me easy

My problem is I prefer to be the one getting this kind of treatment. I like guys to hold my wrists or even throat etc. So I end up feeling really used and weird.

Does anyone else have this problem with guys that like femdoms?

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  • I don't really consider myself all that submissive, and I do kinda enjoy it. Nothing so extreme as choking or whatever, but something about a sexy girl exercising a soft form of sexual power that makes you feel helpless, wishing only to be of "service." Then again, I don't quite consider myself an alpha type personality so to speak.


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What Guys Said 3

  • I like to switch it up occasionally.

  • I grabbed with last one with so much force that my entire body tensed up and then I choked her while pulling her closer to me. When I stopped she asked that I do it again, so i did.

  • I love dominant girls ;)


What Girls Said 4

  • It's okay to be somewhat submissive but I don't want to be the one that decides everything and is in control all the time. I need give and take.

  • i like more of a guy in control, i like it a little more on the rougher side and that's usually the guy who can do it better.

    i can't be with a guy who's vanilla and boring, completely submissive. i know what your'e saying, so yeah, i dislike submissive guys.

  • I like that or just not dominant. I don't want to call them names though. :/

  • Turns me on just as much as a dominant guy

    • Well I used to have fantasies about guys basically being my sex slaves... lol. But in practice it feels weird/wrong because they're bigger and it makes it seem unmasculine:\

    • The term "masculine" is tricky because there is literally nothing in this world that is "masculine" and yet everything is "masculine".

      What I mean is that because masculinity doesn't exist it can be defined differently from one person to the next. I don't personally subscribe to that ideology so I think that a man being himself (whether it be dominant or submissive) is ultimately the most beautiful thing. Same with women.

      If you enjoy something you should never be ashamed. Let go of your inhibitions and false concepts of what it means to be 'male' or 'female' and live your life

    • Lol! That's all a bit hard for me to swallow unfortunately! I see the social definitions of masculinity and feminity... but I do agree life is about shades of grey!

      I think if I were older... like MILF age I would def loove to date college guys and be much more dom than I am now but at the moment I can't take myself seriously in that role so its a turn off xF