Why would a man get married?

There are a lot of beautiful women who sell their bodies for little money.

On dating websites, the girls are not attractive, they want you to pay for everything, then they want to get married... if you're foolish enough to get married then they basically own your @$$.

So why would any man get married? Maybe that's why marriage rates are so low.


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  • Well I'll just say this. The reason why I'm skeptical about getting married myself is largely due to a giant misconception people have about what can/can't happen after marriage. The idea that "looks fade but personality lasts forever" is a debunked idea in my eyes. After seeing marriages fail myself, here is the conclusion I've come to:

    Life is rarely easy on a marriage. People often go into it with the best intentions, the best work ethic, and the best mindset. But when life throws one a curveball that they've never faced before, people will have different reactions to it. For some, it may make them better people, and others it may make them worse.

    As a male considering marriage, i have to study this issue from a male perspective. I don't believe that most of those people who get divorced (close to 50%) entered a marriage contract believing that divorce could ever happen to them. I can't be naive myself and say that "oh, these idiots just chose gold diggers and bitchy women to marry up with." Most of them probably loved each other, initially. Most of them were probably good partners, initially. Most of them probably had the full intention of living with their partners to the end of their days, initially. But life looked at their relationships, and decided to test them by throwing in a monkey wrench. Apparently, it is tough enough to cause 50% of marriages to end in divorce. I don't necessarily blame women for that. The divorce laws are like the forbidden fruit that Adam was told not to eat in the Garden of E.. Life may be good in the garden, but the temptation is immense.

    So the questions I ask myself are: Am I a special enough snowflake to beat the odds and find a girl who will stand the test of time? If a good girl in a marriage does decide to change her mind, would we separate on an equal or unequal footing? The answers are unclear to me, which reflects in my outward uncertainty about getting married


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  • Because not all women are the same, & some actually wouldn't use a man for his money & divorce him just to gain his assets. I want marriage so I can have a life companion, & I believe in treating men with respect. You never know if you're at risk of contracting an STD with a prostitute, & is that really all you want for the rest of your life, just meaningless emotionless sex? You're entitled to your own opinion, but I don't think all women online are the same. I usually like to go out for coffee, which is something inexpensive, as we are just getting to know each other. I'm not expecting a huge extravagant date. If you don't feel attracted to these women that's fine, but I think everyone has the right to look for love, even if they aren't picture perfect. Not everyone is blessed with supermodel looks. Good luck.

    • I know a guy who's wife brought him home a STD, so STD's aren't just limited to hookers.

    • Yes, that can happen in a relationship too. I know a girl who was always getting STD's from her bf because he constantly cheated on her. I guess you just have to find a faithful companion.

  • Because the woman he's with wants to.

  • Maybe they find a woman who genuinely desires them and doesn't just resentfully zone out while he rubs himself off with her body.

    • If they want repeat customers, they avoid that type of behavior. I'm certain that married women are the ones most guilty of that.

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    • That special feeling has not lasted in my experience.

    • It takes effort. I'm honestly not keen on marriage either. But I am into actual human connection. We're made for it.

  • Marriage is a willingness to commit to someone. It also has government benefits if you want some physical benefits.

    It's being in love with someone and a willingness to stand beside them.

  • Then don't get married. Thats your decision and your life. No one cares...

    • You're probably right about that... However, I phrased my question to generalize about many individuals, not just myself.

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  • In all honesty I kind of agree with you. But I think one that should be looked at isn't simply "why would a man get married?", but "why do we want relationships?".

    To me its friendship, we make male and female friends. Then there are deeper levels such as your best friend or your girlfriend. People seem to classify marriages outside of that, to me that is why marriages fail. Marriages based in materialistic things or sex always fail, if its based on a strong and loving friendship between a man and a woman then its more likely to succeed.

    I am not necessarily trying to get married but I am hoping to find a woman who will be my best friend in life.

    • Yeah but friendships also fall apart. Thankfully, when friendships fall apart you don't get caught up in a very anti-male legal system.

  • I like how you spelled ass. But if that's how you feel i can respect your opinion since there are people who are divorced that may agree with you. But i want real love someday and i want that title of marriage attached to it and I'm willing to risk everything except my soul and sanity for it. Just a different perspective to your posting.

    • "I'm willing to risk everything except my soul and sanity for it."

      You might be risking both of those, but I wish you luck.

    • Maybe sanity but I promised God that he has my soul so I'm more inclined to keep that promise. But preciate the good luck!

  • Well that's the million dollar question, isn't it? The answer is that there's not really any good reason for men to get married now. The benefits of marriage to men have all but vanished while the pitfalls have ballooned to the point where it's just not a smart move for most guys, which is why the popularity of marriage among women continues to rise while it has plummeted among men.


  • ... as a sign of commitment. To share your life with someone, to live by them and with them through the good times and the bad, to raise a family with them. to watch your kids grow up leave and have their own kids, to grow old still together after so many years.

    The only way to describe it is a different kind of rush, see having a woman for one night is like eating a chocolate bar, it gives you a kick which is short lived. Now loving and caring for a woman in marriage gives a type of satisfaction that lasts all the time like the satisfaction of looking lean and amazing 24/7, only the thing is with marriage you get the chocolate as well ;)

    • It sounds good, but it sounds more like the 1950's. You left out all the things that can and likely will go wrong with marriage in our current era.