How is a guy supposed to know which girls are in his league and which are not?

Questions self explanatory, give some suggestions ladies


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  • Our priority list when browsing:

    1. Money
    2. Personality
    3. Looks

    Your priority list:

    1. Looks
    2. Personality

    Intelligent 10s will hope for the richest, smartest, hottest guys out there.
    Dumb 10s want the rich, hot ones, but might settle lower once used.

    Now consider there are a lot more intelligent 10s that there are rich, smart, hot guys out there, so not all of them will get what they want. But most 10s won't give up until they start aging and their number drops. If they wait too long, or have more flaws, they may settle for a lot lower.

    Similar patterns can be seen with intelligent 9s and 8s as well. Only a small number of guys will have access to them.

    Take this as your starting point and consider the lower a girl is on the latter, lower she looks.

    But women always hope to secure the best mate possible.
    So you'll be able to find female 6s and 7s hoping for male 10s, but the difference is that they are more likely to "settle" for lower numbers than female 10s, because they're aware of the competition.

    This also depends on her confidence and additional flaws she may have, so a female 6 who is insecure (with, or without reason) is likely to seek out even male 4s, while another 6 may be expecting a male 10.

    5s and 4s I suppose are most likely to want their own numbers.

    3s and below rarely hope and either choose solitude, or take what they can get.


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  • The league is as fake as the friendzone forget about it

    • I dont know about that, seems pretty real to me

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    • Those ARE leagues

    • Pft... no they're not.

  • I feel like this whole league thing could have a bit of truth, but then again i could never realize who was in my league until they approached me.

  • As much as I would like to say, that the league thing is fake, I can't. Because for some people, it is very real. If she flirts back, and could have relationship with you, then she is in your league.


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  • If you find yourself attracted to a girl, ask her out, if she rejects you move onto a less attractive girl, and so on and so forth.

  • I can tell who's in my league and who's not, but guys base off of looks. Girls take into consideration power/money/status/popularity