Do you think I'll end up with my best friend?

So I've been talking to this guy for a few months. He lives 11 hours away, and we haven't met. But we talk nonstop and FaceTime and such. He's had a girlfriend since we've became friends but they broke up. He keeps giving me hints that he likes me and says he's happy when he talks to me. We're gonna meet soon, and I'm not sure if you can like someone you haven't met yet but I kinda do. But I'n wondering if I should just try and stop liking him now or keep hoping something will happen. Any opinions?


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  • It could work, but you would need a plan to eventually get together, or else the distance will destroy your relationship. You can go a long time building a relationship online, maybe even years, but eventually one of you will have to be willing to take a chance and move closer. It is likely too soon to talk about moving now, since at this point you are just friends, but it is something that you may need to consider depending on how things go when you meet him.


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  • 11 hours are a lot in my opinion. There is a strong possibility that it's not going to work out but why don't you give it a shot?