Girls would you prefer to date a poor masculine guy or a rich feminine guy?

Just what the question says. I know that most girls prefer masculine guys, but this time the feminine guy he'll win!!!

The masculne guy has $10k income per year
The feminine guy has $100k income per year

Choose wisely, hope you don't disapoint me!!!

  • The poor masculine guy
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  • The rich feminine guy
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Mmmm... Honestly? Rich feminine. But not because of the money. Very masculine guys tend to be sexist. They can't accept the idea of the lady getting the bread. It's already a bad point- I hate sexist guys, but there's another bad thing about it. A sexist poor guy won't let the lady work, so the family will stay poor. Now, feminine guys tend to be sweet and, as long as they aren't tooooo feminine, very attractive (because they take a lot of care with themselves). Also, feminine guys tend to not be sexist, or even feminist/egalitarian. Plus, the guy would be rich and, since I want to work too, we could be double rich. Heheh. So yeah, that's it- rich feminine but not because of the money.


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What Girls Said 6

  • Oh man, that's tough. I love masculine guys. But 10k is nothing. My future is set on a line where I will have a successful career. I want to travel, I want to have a nice house, a car... but I also want a proper relationship, not a sponsorship. I couldn't be with someone who I have to support. What am I, a bank? Plus the women of my family line have a bad history of getting involved with these masculine but poor men, the men end up becoming abusive. All they do is take the money from the wives, while they laze around at home and bash her up. No thank you. But I also don't like feminine guys, for I am quite masculine myself and want a man who can challenge me in all aspects- mental AND physical. I am also submissive sexually, so I wouldn't be happy with a feminine guy... My solution? Remain single. I will have sexual relationships with the masculine guys, but remain alone. And become a single mum. Maybe, MAYBE if I came across a feminine guy who was willing to be in a sexually open relationship. Keep in mind- I would be making my own money, e. t. c. I just think the feminine guy would be better for a relationship if we were to have children. He'd make for a great dad. But I don't know if I can go without good sex for the rest of my life... So it's hard, it's hard. I guess I'll just stay single.

    • i consinder myself a feminine guy but i'd not be a good dad... i don't want children. and i'm submissive as well... too bad that you hate them :-/

    • Don't worry. Girls are all different. Sure, a lot of us prefer dominant guys in bed, but there are also some girls which prefer submissive guys. Some women LIKE being dominant. You just have to find the right chick. From my research into this field I found that a woman is usually the opposite of herself in bed. A lot of strong, independent women in life are usually submissive in bed. A lot of low confidence, weaker, abused by life girls like to be dominant in bed. Perhaps some feminist girls too. You'll find one, don't worry :)

  • i don't have anything against a feminine guy but i prefer the masculine guy... money doesn't really matter

    • Well, it kinda does if you want to have kids and give them a good education and good future. Relationships with no money are only good for when you're single (as in, without a marriage commitment with kids). And if you're okay with remaining in one place and never see the world.

    • Also, you might not have had a bad experience like my family did. A few of my relatives- women- are successful and wealthy. Got together with the poor, masculine guy. Everything is sweet and rosy at first. Until 15 years into the marriage when all the man does is sit on couch all day, drinking beer and taking your money. Then punch you in the face because you didn't cook him dinner. It's very stressful and not fair. Unless you're okay with being the bank of the relationship.

  • I'd take the poor dude.

  • 10k isn't much so guy #2

  • Masculine guy. I really prefer masculine guys so I don't care much about the income.

    • and what if he had no job and you would have to work for 2? LOL

  • Can't the guy be well balanced? I want a guy I get along with and I'm attracted to. That's really it.


What Guys Said 2

  • Why even go for a guy if you want feminine traits?

  • Neither of these matter.

    If the poor masculine guy's personality is shit, he's trash.
    If the rich feminine guy's personality is shit, he's trash.

    But of course, there's still those dumb hoes that will go for money over character any second.