Why do so many men complain and let themselves be friend zoned and put in the friend zone by women? Men! Just move on to the next woman?

I let women know upfront exactly what I want. Its either sex only or a possible start to a relationship. This puts the ball in her court to decide. So whenever a woman/women verbally tells me or gives me the impression through her body language that "she just wants to be friends or consider me just a friend" and isn't interested in the same way that I'm interested in her, I completely don't waste any more time, effort and attention with her and I move on to the next woman.

This I how I stay out the so called friend zoned.


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  • because boys are brainwashed into thinking that it's disrespectful and objectifying to be assertive like that, and that men and women are just the same and gender is a social construct.

    then in their late teens and early twenties they find out the truth.

    if you've programmed into acting and thinking a certain way the first 2 decades or so of your life it's pretty difficult to change

    • What you stated is 100% true.

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    • Sorry, but no. You clearly lack introspective qualities and certain self-awareness to be open minded enough to have this conversation. Because of that, I have no desire to engage with you. Respect that, and wait for the next person to comment on your opinion.

    • @SomeOtherGuy Again not making a point.


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  • I really wish all guys would do this. If they aren't capable of being just friends and it would cause them some sort of grief... please go away.

    Kudos QA

  • Sounds like a mad idea :)
    But... you DO have some women that are just for friendships, right? Like, you still need some female friends. It's not all about sex.
    Other than that, sound epic. Upfrontness and direct flirting.

  • Why don't you want to be my frand? :(

  • You sir, deserve a medal.

    They do it because they know in the back of their mind she's not attracted to him, so they passively aggressively try to make her "owe" him so he can feel self righteous about her rejection.

  • All those friend zone guys though, it's only certain types that can't play on it.
    Any smarter dudes use it to their advantage.
    When she has an argument with her man, or a break up, he's always the dude who's first one round to her house with a shoulder to cry on which often leads to a dick to ride on.
    It doesn't even take long.


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  • There's certainly many good points in this conversation.

    Firstly, yes, men who are friendzoned should either switch to friend mode only, or drop the relationship. It causes everyone undue stress to just sit there and stew about why someone doesn't want to be with you. Then to take all these-passive aggressive behaviors with you when you hang out and cause further issues is disrespectful.

    You are not respecting a woman when you sit in the friendzone and bitch about it, or try to get in her pants or make her fall in love with you.

    If a girl I'm interested in friendzones me, I walk. Simple as that. I do it respectfully. I let them know that I can't bury my feelings like that. It's not right to either of us. For my sake, I leave.

    Being taught friends first is not necessarily bad, but it's something that you actually have to be good at, and know how to do. Most guys don't.
    It's a technique to pick up a girl which is different from say hook-up, or dating first. Simple as that.

  • Many men lack the guts to straight up ask a girl out and let her know what he wants. They fear rejection too much so that figure that warming up to her (by becoming friends) is the safer way.

    Unlike us men, not all women feel like banging their guy friends just for being nice and that's something that people who get friendzone don't understand.

    • Most women DON'T want to be fucked by someone who's just "nice". Most of us want to be roughed up by a REAL man, not another feminine figure. THIS is what many guys don't understand. Like, be nice in life, but dont overdo it. Don't seem too safe and boring. Show us that inner sex demon exists. Otherwise we just assume there isn't one.

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    • @Sex-Kitten
      Yep I agree with that. I'm currently working out at home cause I'm a medical student, but I did notice more female attention when I dropped the weight. Heck, even caught some girks starring at my hutt while I was squatting lol.

      Its just such a shame that many men who get friendzoned believe they have to do nothing to change themselves, that the hot girl should just like him the way he is. Yet those same guys would never bother approaching a girl with a flat chest and no butt.

      I personally always feel super confident when talking to average or below average girls. That doesn't make me a condescending ass right?

    • Why at home? So what if you're a medical student. Do a kickboxing or something :3 SO sexy when guys can fight. Means they have a backbone and won't take shit from anyone.
      Nope, not at all. I don;t understand why people think being modest is attractive? I just think it means they're fishing for compliments, which is just pathetic. Be able to admit what you can and can't get. Hell, with confidence, you can even approach more attractive girls! Confidence makes one so much more hotter than without it.

  • Your advice is good.

    Why don't they do it? They've been told that friends first is a good idea.

  • Indeed. It can't be said much better than this.

  • Well a lot of people lack the common sense and or confidence to be that direct.

  • I agree with u (awesome user name BTW)... I see we use the same method. To hell with the friend zone! :-D

    • Now the main reasons why other guys do NOT use our method is down to one reason IMO:

      they wait too long to ask her out, they wait until they are emotionally invested in her before making a move

  • look up 5 ways modern men are trained to hate women, that article explains a lot