Two to choose, where do I go?

I was recently out of a long term relationship. So I started dating around, nothing exclusive. I have two guys that I mostly spend my time with- one clicks better than the other. I was at a wedding the one week, about a month ago and the other got wind of it and went off on me. His words are subtle and actions speak louder. He has been a friend for six years, and he has caught my attention- therefore I let him know. And let the other one off the hook slowly. The guy who said he is def into me has a known rep but its nothing more than dates and having out door fun (nothing sexual). Should I give it a go?

he did let me know his feelings. &I sat back pondering my own. this past Friday I finally said hey I like you/ have.. he said you wanna get together after work to talk. no talk but movie date. Im hanging back to let him think and come to me?


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  • chose cloest to heart.-

    • my only worry is the one that I feel closest to is just out of a relationship so its like take a chance?

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