Girls would you date a younger but legal guy?

A girl in my class last year flirted with me and I went with it. She brought up an early's 90 reference cause she's 24 and I'm only 20 and I didn't get it then she asked how old I'm am and when she found out I was 20 she backed off. I didn't care but I was still shocked it was an issue. I look young I don't know how she thought I was older.


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  • am doing that right now and what has it gotten me but sadness and misery am not saying all guys who are younger are like this but for a guy who is 19 who still has his poisonous family around him and don't want to let go but hey guess some people would call me selfish blood is thicker than water but when that blood is polluted and water is trying to help you live a better life i guess i really dont kno huh

  • I wouldn't mind dating a guy that's younger than me (: the important thibg is I like him

    • It was weird cause I didn't like her but I think she felt weird flirting with a college freshmen when she was a senior. IDC I just like the fact she though I looked older than I was.

    • Lol sometimes it can be weird but I don't know it depends on the girl (: my ex was almost 2 years younger and it never was a problem

  • No, younger guys are no no in my book. They're too childish don't even ask how I know :/


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