Why are my friends telling me we aren't going to work out?

My friends are saying my relationship isn't going to last long. However, I don't know why they are saying this because the guy I'm dating is extremely nice to me, resoectful, goes to everyone of of the games I cheer for, I go to all his baseball games, we are always together even if we are fighting, he tells me he loves me, I say it back, we have been dating for four months, he hangs out with me before he hangs out with his buddies. Why would they say we aren't going to last? Yeah, we are only in high school, but it's starting to get annoying.


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  • They're probably just jealous of what you have. And maybe they're generalizing as high school relationships tend to not last long but that doesn't mean it has to be the case for you


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  • I thought this was about gym...

  • H. S. tends not to work out... besides, we don't really know you, to say if it will or not, and why they're saying it. You've only really given the positive things about you two, everyone always forgets the negative

  • They are probably teasing you cause they are either jealous, immature, or just being annoying. Or he's cheating on you and they are the only ones who know.

    • I know one of them like (d) him. And it's extremely annoying!

    • by the way I was kidding about the cheating thing, so don't get all sneaky like and get into his private business, and or dump him, just cause of my little joke

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