Does she really love me?

I have a friend she is a really good friend when we go out for lunch or shopping she always holds my hand the whole time we go anywhere she says I love as a best friend and a bit more she tells me everything I am a bit shy and not sure if she loves me for real or its something she just says she lives with her dad and kid she even holds my hand In front of them I have no idea what to do


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  • She probably just likes having you around. You're probably like her confidant and she knows she can be herself around you. While that is really important to us, it also doesn't always mean that we like you the way you may like us. What you could probably do is stop hanging out with her for a while. If she just considers you as a friend, she'll pester you about it for a bit and then give up. But if she's got something for you, she might try harder to be with you. Good luck!

  • you should make a move. or just simply ask her. but in my opinion i think she likes you and its showing it by holding your han in front of everyone


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