I can't stop thinking about her what should I do?

Its all started one year ago , she and her friend started to flirt with me , to be honest i was interested about her friend but there is something about her that really made me attracted to her , stupid enough i tried with her friend she rejected me , even after all that she kept flirting with me i MEAN really flirting looking at my face , my eyes , standing really close , coming to my area , smiling when she sees me , and even once she touched my arm with her arm and pretend its just an accident by opening her phone and ignore me , she was so close , now i took vacation but i started to think about her a lot but im thinking that i would look desperate if i try with her after getting rejected by her friend , but i really like her by the way she is almost ten years older than me , so i dont want to look stupid, what should i do?


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What Girls Said 1

  • play it cool if you look to needy it will look desperate and she will know that your crazy about her which gives her power to toy with you if you play the game right back who knows she might be into you if that doesn't work out find a pretty girl and flirt with her when she's around make her a little jealous and see her reaction it works with me =)


What Guys Said 1

  • Go ahead and ask her out. You have nothing to lose.