My crush is avoiding me?

I usually play fights with my crush, since the start of the year. We had a lot of physical contact. It recently stopped two weeks ago when she found out I liked her, even though im still denying it. Before she found out, she kept asking me who it was, she guessed herself but I kept denying it. And now since she found out, she started to avoid me. She avoided me all ways possible. We were supposed to sit beside each other during morning lectures, but she moved away and sat behind. But during science lessons we still sat beside each other tho, because the teacher is strict with seating orders. We still laugh at jokes together and smile at each other, but every since she "found" out that I liked her, she avoids me. Our conversations became lesser and lesser, our play fights stopped. Until today, when she was bothering me to know my test scores, she tried to hit me playfully. My first instinct is to hit her back so we would get to play fights again but Im afraid that she will think that i have a crush on her. I can't even stare at her now. I can't confess. She will avoid me more and not even talk to me. Why is she acting like this? It really hurts. Advices please?


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  • With finding out What 'She found out,' she is feeling this way because Now she feels this is an awkward moment for her. She has always liked you as her friend, Considered you a bud, and now that the cat is out of the bag, she is 'Avoiding the inevitable,' I am much afraid. And with this in mind, she is feeling somewhat 'Different' now, not knowing herself how to react, what to say or do, for she doesn't want to Lead you on into thinking there is anything More.
    Take your time for now. Ease back into things being you know how she is reacting now. I believe she will eventually come around. She is still in 'shock.'
    And if you want to stay friends, at least for now, then go with her flow, and just be yourself. I don't think it's too late to Change things Around a bit.
    I am sure with all of this in mind, you both can still share the same laughs and giggles and 'Playfulness' as before, for I am seeing a great chemistry here. And who knows what the law of averages will be for you both down the road...
    Good luck. xx

    • Thank you :) my friends told me she sat at her usual spot beside me during morning lectures today!! It's a pity i wasn't there as I overslept. I was even told she was looking around for somebody, which i assume is me.

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    • This happened to me once, I hanged out with this guy a lot because we had the first two classes together but then he told me he liked me and it felt so uncomfortable around him after that I even tried to get other crushes and ignore him so he wouldn't like me anymore but then he started flirting with other girls and I got jealous... We barely talk and we try to make each other jealous.. It is not good so you kinda want to avoid this

    • Thank you, sweetie, for the Vote of Confidence. xxoo

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  • Don't stress about it. Find something that interests you like sports, a hobby, and make a schedule and stick to it. Don't ignore her on purpose, just find something important to you and live your life and if he fits in then she'll fit in. If not, you'll be doing something productive that makes you happy.

  • OH MY GOODNESS SO CUTE! But in all seriousness she might just be figuring out her feelings. She's probably flattered but might not want to ruin your relationship. You're slipping into the friendzone dude...


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  • I'm a little confused. You say you have a crush on her, and now she knows. But then you say "y first instinct is to hit her back so we would get to play fights again but Im afraid that she will think that i have a crush on her." Well she already knows so what's the problem?

    Maybe she was a little scared after finding out. But since SHE started back with you, I would go for it. Especially now that it's all in the open.


    • I can't bring myself to. Im afraid she will avoid me even more